Fiat Chrysler working with Amazon to sell cars online in Italy

November 18, 2016

In what could be a prelude to future collaboration in the USA, Fiat Chrysler is starting to sell cars directly to consumers in Italy via

Automotive News reports that Fiat Chrysler has teamed up with U.S. internet giant Amazon to start selling cars online offering an additional aggressive discount.

Italian buyers will be able to purchase their cars with a simple click online and the offers on will be limited to three models — the 500, the Panda and the 500L.

“The time has arrived to give consumers a new, more efficient and transparent way to choose a new vehicle,” Gianluca Italia, responsible for Fiat Chrysler in Italy, said during an online press conference.

Amazon seems to be increasing their interest in automotive space.

Earlier this year, Amazon and Hyundai announced that Amazon Prime subscribers in Los Angeles could get a Hyundai delivered to their doorsteps for a test drive.

Amazon also raised a lot of eyebrows earlier this year when they launched a vehicle research portal.

FCA, the world’s seventh largest carmaker said that the Italian partnership will appeal to buyers looking for deals from the comfort of their own home, adding that existing promotions will be improved by up to 33 percent for online customers.

They said research had revealed that half of Italians were willing to buy a vehicle online but 97 percent still preferred to pick it up at a traditional dealer.

However, it sounds like they’re still not talking about true ecommerce. After committing online, Italian buyers will be contacted by Amazon to decide on a specific dealership where they can finalize their purchase and pick up the car. The vehicle should be ready within two weeks of the initial click.

It’ll be interesting to see if Amazon starts to experiment with similar functionality in the USA soon.