We help you find the right business at the right valuation and time

Acquirers need to fully understand why an acquisition is desirable or necessary. This begins with a clear understanding of the gap in market potential and why the gap is best filled through acquisition. When choosing targets, we can help give careful consideration to the competitive approach; segments served; and core capabilities to assure they are all consistent with the strategic rationale for the acquisition.


  • We help buyers find the right company at the right valuation and terms

  • We help vet the clear “story” as to why the acquisition makes sense, how it contributes strategically and financially to the acquirer

  • We help identify the industry landscape, strengths/weaknesses of players, the total addressable market

  • We help identify key drivers in the business, including marketing, sales and go-to-market approach

  • We help identify key factors in post-acquisition integration, including clear timelines for benefit realization, including specific plans to reduce headcount, close locations, consolidate product lines or cross-sell products.

  • We help coordinate  the entire due diligence process


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We are passionate about the automotive technology ecosystem. We focus on advising high growth technology companies -- providing trusted advice and producing superior results.

Automotive Ventures advises founders, owners & CEOs on mergers, acquisitions and capital raises. These transactions are frequently the most pivotal financial event in the history of their business. We are committed to achieving superior results for our clients in their critical transactions.
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