We help build the plan, pitch book, teaser, and run the fundraising process

We help entrepreneurs raise money from the right investors at the right valuation with the right terms.

We advise on structure/options, prepare marketing materials, refine the financial model, identify prospective investors, solicit bids, facilitate the due diligence process, and help coordinate and oversee all aspects of the fundraising process.

If you’re looking to raise money it’s important to look your best for potential investors. This includes refining your story, building a detailed financial model, and building a ”Pitch Deck” and a short summary (”Teaser”) of the Deck.

Sections of investor "Pitch Deck" overviewing your business model:


  • Identify a problem that needs to be solved

Value Proposition

Articulate our value proposition, ie, what value will we provide that will solve the problem?

Secret Sauce

What makes us uniquely suited to tackle this problem?

Total Addressable Market (TAM)

Where is the spend happening today?

Business Model

Who pays, how much, what is the value proposition?


How do we reach our customers?

Competitive Analysis

Where do we stand vis-a-vis our competitors? What do they do that we don't, and vice versa?

Management Team

Describe the people leading the effort

Financial Projections & Key Metrics

  • Project financial results using reasonable assumptions
  • Specify the key metrics used to track company operations

Current Status; Accomplishments to Date

What we've done so far in getting our value proposition to those in need of it.

Use of Funds & Timeline

Specify what the burn rate is, how funds were used over the life of the company.

Equally important is to identify the right list of "Strategic" or "Financial" buyers, what their needs are, and approach them in the correct way.


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We are passionate about the automotive technology ecosystem. We focus on advising high growth technology companies -- providing trusted advice and producing superior results.

Automotive Ventures advises founders, owners & CEOs on mergers, acquisitions and capital raises. These transactions are frequently the most pivotal financial event in the history of their business. We are committed to achieving superior results for our clients in their critical transactions.
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