We help entrepreneurs maximize the value of their business

Selling a business can be a very drawn-out and complex process. It involves moving pieces that most business owners have little experience with, and typically are not in a position to manage alongside the day- to-day operation of their company. Owners are best to rely on experts trained in negotiation of terms and price, identify and screen potential buyers and run a coordinated effort to educate potential buyers, negotiate the terms of the sale while acting as a constant and consistent resource for the seller.


We take the guesswork out of selling your business. Working closely with you at every stage of the sales process, we promise to help you attain the maximum sale price at an optimal profit.


We start by gaining a complete understanding of your needs. Then we come up with a strategic plan that includes a clear outline of our recommendations and associated costs to you.


From devising a strategic marketing approach to researching qualified prospective buyers to valuing your business, to negotiating terms that make sense for you, we’re here every step of the way.


We work hard to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the process and the results.


  • We help entrepreneurs maximize the value of their business.

  • Advise on structure/options, research, a financial “audit”, prepare marketing materials, refine the financial model, identify prospective investors, solicit bids, facilitate the due diligence process, and help coordinate and oversee all aspects of the sale process.

Indicative Deal Process

Buyer List

  • Evaluate prior/existing dialogue with management
  • Agree upon potential parties to specifically target and tailor script for each

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

  • Form outlining confidential material, knowledge or information to be shared with buyers post execution
  • Focus on non-solicit and prohibiting customer/employee/vendor contact, especially with strategic investors


  • Succinct one-page document leveraging publicly available information intended to underscore key investment highlights for buyers to evaluate the opportunity pre-NDA
  • Mainly used for potential calls to select financial sponsors

Financial Projection Model

  • Detailed model containing 5-year projections (Income Statement, Cash Flow) and key drivers; include quarterly detail for current year projections as well
  • Intended to support buyer valuation analyses
  • Discuss layering in various cases (sensitivity)

Primary Management Presentation

  • Concise company overview materials leveraging existing internal company presentations, investor presentations, etc.
  • Key to highlight efforts to drive growth, strategic initiatives, and support for the financial model and additional analyses needed to submit an indication of interest
  • Tailor marketing materials for each buyer
  • 2-hour Management Presentation meetings with select buyers who show a strong interest in pursuing a potential transaction
  • Focus on key Q&A presentation

Other Key Analyses

  • Dashboard of KPIs and other data used to manage the business
  • Status of current conversations with lead partners

Data Room

  • Next level of diligence post initial indications including Q&A around additional financial information, tax, legal, real estate, IP, etc.

Deep Dive Management Presentations

  • Slide presentations on various topics that are used as the basis for Round 2 meetings between management and selected buyers
  • Provides selected buyers an opportunity to delve deeper into details shown in previous marketing materials and address key follow up questions with functional leads

Purchase Agreement and Disclosure Schedules

  • Coordinate first round of bids and down-selection


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Automotive Ventures advises founders, owners & CEOs on mergers, acquisitions and capital raises. These transactions are frequently the most pivotal financial event in the history of their business. We are committed to achieving superior results for our clients in their critical transactions.
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